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Calling out Congress’ bluff of secularism



This article originally appeared on theprint. To read the full article please click here.

“The Congress party didn’t do the rath yatra that led to the fall of the Babri Masjid. But it opened the gates, literally and metaphorically, to a majoritarian India.”

  • Takes a look at congress’ secular agenda  back to 1984 Operation Blue Star against Sikhs and Sikh Genocide in Nov 1984
  • Even after  2002 riots of Gujrat (in which BJP had direct involvement), congress was not able to hold BJP accountable because of the 1984 and demolition of Babri Maszid.
  • In September 1989, the (Congress) government allowed the VHP to undertake the Ram Shila Puja, a nationwide procession of consecrated bricks collected from all over the country for the construction of a large Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.
  • Rajiv Gandhi further advanced the Hindu Cause, brought in the idea of Ram Raj only to get pressure off from Bofors scandle.
  • When it came to 1984 and Babri mosque party tried or leaders shifted the blame on each other.
  • In 1980 congress was the one who floated the idea of illegal immigration in Assam.
  • now when, Ram Mandir is becoming a reality the leaders of Congress party wants the credit.

CONCLUSION: What I understand now is that it was Congress that laid the bricks of Ram Mandir temple a long time ago. They did all this behind the mask of secularism.

One Question to the writer : When you state: “Indira Gandhi had taken to appealing to the Hindu sentiment when she returned to power in 1980, partly to recover lost ground in the Hindi heartland. The Khalistan insurgency also saw her champion the ‘Hindu cause’ against a militant minority.” 

Why Sikh people are just labeled militant? Aren’t you using the same rhetoric that congress pushed onto Hindu majority to make a case for attacks of June 1984 and Nov 1984?


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