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Uniting Sikhs…….. A reply to Prashant Tewari



Sikhs don’t need a “leader” to carry forward the legacy of Gurus when their Guru, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, are here. Sikhs do want Khalistan, They just aren’t prioritizing it right now.

Sikh diaspora is very well established worldwide. They have made a name for themselves and the the community despite being being very low in numbers. Not have they established themselves in field of education, sports, politics and business, they have established stunningly beautiful Gurudwaras in almost every state in US, Canada and EU. If Sikhs can accomplish all that with help any state funding, your idea that  some disgruntled groups, prompted by foreign funding, is totally absurd and lacks the basic understanding. Sikh diaspora doesn’t need to rely on some third world country or some intelligence agency to keep the Khalistan dream alive. Its just saddening to know that you are just an other victim of state sponsored propaganda, which blames the failure of its own on to others.

Lets talk about the “independent India”  that has showered tremendous love and respect to the two per cent Sikh community.  To save you some times lets will keep it brief.

but you can click here for the detailed article

  • The First shower Punjab’s governor, Shree Chandu Lal trivedi, with the persmission and wishes of the deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Sardar Patel and Prime Minister shree Nehru, and with the full consent of Punjab’s Home Minister, S. Swaran Singh, issued instructions to all the deputy commissioners of Punjab that they should treat all Sikhs, especially those who came from West Punjab, as cirminals. They should be dealt with all possible extreme measures such as physical torture and killing them with bullets. This should be done in such a way, on official basis without caring for Law and Justice, that Sikhs should come to their senses and know who is the ruler and who is the ruled…
  • I know for  June 1984 attack on Shri Harmandir Sahib you will try to justify it with Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala’s name but attacking the other 37 Gurudwaras in different city should also be consider “shower”?
  • On Nov 1984 the “shower of love and tremendous respect” came in from Rajeev Gandi’s “When Big Tree Falls” speech.
  • To educate youself on the atrocities committed by India from 1984 to 1995 in Punjab on Sikh people just look up one name Jaswant Singh Khalra .
  • Do you know who was Jagjeet Singh Aurora and how he saved his life in Nov 1984
  • Look up Jaggi Johal and look up all the Sikh youth arrested recently under UAPA.

If I were to be India or anyone even remotely concerned about well being of India, I would not take a whole lot of pride in Capt. Amarinder Singh. who was once a Khalistani himself. I do not have any proof but due to his close relationship with some Pakistani reporter he could be leaking intelligence to Pakistan or could very well be a Pakistani asset. And I would also read in between lines of Canada where they say they support united India and also ones right to self determination.

To stoke communal hatred you ignorance takes you attack core principle of Sikhism: One Guru One Philosophy is the foundation of Sikhism. Sikhism never split into two. Prithi Chand despite being son of Guru, never understood that Guruship can’t be snatched. One had to bless enough to be a Guru. So “peaceful and non-violent” Prithi Chand not only stole from Guru where he was a treasurer, he attcked the Shri Guru Hargobind when he was a child multiple times. Prithi Chand had, unsuccessfully, tried to kill Guru Hargobind by unleashing a deadly snake upon when he was a child. Prithi Chand continued to complain about the Guru to Emperor Jahangir.

Unfortunately, its not Chawla who ignores historical facts, its you too. Blaming just mugals for the martyr of two of younger children of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji and Guru Arjan Dev ji martyrdom wont be fair until we take a look at role played by Chandu, Gangu and Diwan Sucha mal. Sikh community is not stuck up on past. Its moving forward and wishes to have and working to pleasant relationship all other communities.

All of your article was built around 2-3 Sikhs. In way it must be nice for India for some Sikhs to not have Khalistan a priority. It does show the impact only 2-3 people on India, what if it few thousand people who are making headline?

FYI, I drive a truck. My writing style and grammar should reflect that. I have never went to any protests or did much for the cause of Khalistan.  Just an other guy who is fed up from misinformation and propaganda run by the Indian Media.

Mr. Singh

original article can be accessed here.


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